What You Can Learn From the Good Ol’ Boys Club (& Why Not Fitting in is Ok)


The “good ol’ boys club”. Urban dictionary defines it as:

Male discrimination against females. Men who refuse to speak to, deal with, or work with women. Usually old, fat, white men who believe women should be seen and not heard. They also believe women belong in the kitchen, tending to the males every need. Can be men of other cultures working in a mostly male dominated field.

I had a good laugh at “old, fat, white men who believe women should be seen and not heard”.

Have you ever dealt with the “good ol’ boys” in your career? It’s interesting because as I read the definition from Urban Dictionary (I know, I know, take the definition for what it’s worth) but when I was working and never fitting into the ‘club’, I never really felt discriminated against. I hate that word anyway but I truly never felt that way.

I just felt like I never fit in. And not fitting in can be hard.

Even though it sucked not fitting in to the ‘club’, I did learn a few things from these old timers:

  1. They say what they mean
  2. They go after what they want


This week Jenny takes you on a journey back through her career and how she handled the good ol’ boys club. Jenny clearly never fit in but there was a lot to learn from the stuffy men in the corner office. Join Jenny as she walks you through the traps to look out for but also the gems you can use to further your current career. Whether you are just starting out in your career or you are seasoned, there are some things you can do to get ahead both financially and in your position. You won’t want to miss this episode!

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