The Best of the Frugality Gone Bad Tweetchat #jpchat


We had a wonderful tweetchat tonight! In case you are not familiar with what a tweetchat is and how it works, you can read about it here. Tonight’s topic was frugality gone bad – which was basically share your story about how you were trying to be frugal and it backfired on you! Here are some highlights from the chat:

Probably the best response to that question was:

And then the response to that was priceless:

From there we went on to discuss our favorite frugal tips. Some of those tips include:

I think the comment that topped the night was as follows. @STLSocialGroup provided this great tip:

and then out of no where, @Kevin_Hebert provided this awesome comment to that:

LOL I’m still laughing about that! In case you don’t know what Peggy means, he is referring to the Capitol One credit card commercial where the guy answers the phone as “Peggy”.

You never know what is going to happen on #jpchat!! Join us on November 27th at 7 pm CST for the next #jpchat!!

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  1. Great tweets. The birth control and chocolate bar with maggots in it were my favorites. It doesn’t pay to try to be too frugal.

  2. If I had to vote, I doubt I would be able to choose between @Kevin_Hebert and @applecsmith. Well played, very well played.

  3. I know! Next time maybe I should do some sort of award – tonight was definitely a toss up between the two!

  4. HAHA! It was a really funny but educational chat. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait till the next #jpchat :)

  5. LOL I know this one made me laugh pretty hard and I’m still laughing! Thanks again for participating, you make it a lot of fun :)

  6. I’ve watched that commercial now three times. It kills me. LOL.

  7. I know!! It’s hilarious!!!

  8. The birth control one is funny. I had an IUD, covered by insurance so it cost a $35 copay. I used it for 2.5 years until we chose to have another baby. I could have used it 5 years if we didn’t decide to have another baby. Frugal but effective!

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