My Follow Up To Using Roku as an Alternative to Cable




UPDATE: I have written a detailed report here on how I use Roku as an Alternative to Cable.  Click on the link and then right click on the pdf to save it. These detailed step by step instructions should help you save money on your monthly cable bill.

A few months ago, I wrote an article on using the Roku Digital Video Player as an Alternative to Cable so I thought now would be a good time to do a follow up post to tell you if I still like the Roku as an option for t.v.


I can not recommend this option for t.v. enough!

Why I like Roku

1.  After I bought the Roku box, the only thing I pay monthly is a $7.99 subscription fee to Netflix. So I love not having a huge cable bill each month.

2. I still get local channels for free since I bought the antenna that picks up local hd channels.

3. I am watching all kinds of shows that I never knew existed!

Some of my favorite shows I’ve watched on Netflix

1.  Sons of Anarchy – One word. Jax.

2. Eli Stone – Great show that I never watched when it was on but really love this show.

3. Pulling – Raunchy BBC show that for some reason is just hilarious.

4. Gavin and Stacey – Another BBC show that I really enjoyed.

5. Lost – I am not ashamed to admit I watched 6 years of Lost in 1 month. Thanks Netflix!

Of course, not all is perfect. There are some downsides to Netflix as awell.

Downsides to Having Netflix

1.  I find I’m watching more t.v. than I did when I had cable – I was not joking when I said I watched 6 years of Lost in 1 month. Having all of the episodes ready to go makes it hard to stop.

2. Netflix isn’t the quickest to add all the new seasons – I’m still waiting for season 2 of Gavin & Stacey to get on Netflix, as well as season 3 of Sons of Anarchy.

3. Too many choices isn’t always a good thing – Sometimes I find myself getting lost in the titles. I have literally sat in front of the t.v. for an hour trying to decide what to watch. Then I just give up because I can’t decide!

4. Not everyone is watching shows from 2001 – When I was watching Lost, I wanted to have discussions with friends about the show. I forgot most of them watched it 6 years ago when it was on so I guess I would not be a good person to try to discuss current shows with!

All in all, theRoku box is an excellent solution to curb a high cable bill. I highly highly recommend Roku to anyone who wants an alternative to cable!

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  1. I bought one after reading your article and I also love it! I have Amazon Prime and having that allows me to get loads of videos thru that also.

  2. Glad you like it!

  3. I too have done this. Add the Hulu Plus channel for another $8 and get all the new shows one day after they air.

  4. Great! I thought about adding Hulu but it seems like I have so much on Netflix I just can’t imagine having more choices to watch!

  5. On netflix I found every episode of Babylon5 (yip, sci fi freak) that I have been looking for (other then buying the dvd catalog) for years!

  6. Jenny – what antenna did you need for local channels? my cable bill is SO expensive. i’m considering cancelling everything from cox except for high speed dsl and getting roku w/ netflix and hulu (for my fix on Gray’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives). Wondering if you would recommend keeping at least the cheap basic cable option for other tvs in the house?

  7. Hi Aly
    I know what you mean! This is the antenna I got and then you can check what local channels you can get here
    So I think it depends on a few things. I live alone and I only have 2 tv’s so for me this works because I’m only going to be watching one of the tv’s at a time (lol don’t mean to sound like a smarty pants there) but do you live alone or have others in the household? If there are others in your house, do they watch tv a lot, what shows do they like etc? That can help you determine if you would need to keep basic cable. I have mine set up as one tv (bedroom) has the antenna w/ local channels b/c I don’t watch tv in my room that much and the second tv in my living room area has the roku box. It does sorta suck b/c you can only get roku on the tv you have it plugged into. However you can move it between tv’s easily or you could buy multiple roku’s if your budget allows.
    The second thing is you can keep basic cable for a few months to see if you like it/need it, if you find you don’t, cancel it then. Or you can cancel it, and if you find out you want it later wait until your provider has a discount or special deal and get it then. It is a bit odd to cancel cable all together b/c I think it’s one of those expenses we are just conditioned to pay but honestly, I really don’t miss it at all.
    So I think it really comes down to what your needs are. I just really did not have the need for basic cable b/c I can get the local channels w/ the antenna and then I’ve found so many good shows on netflix, I don’t have time to watch anything else!
    I hope this helps, if you have other questions, let me know :)

  8. Alejandro says:

    Hi,I also got rid of cable,got a roku added netflix and hulu plus and my kids love it !!


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