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I submitted a post to the Impulse Save Turkey Talks contest and it’s time to vote for the best submission! This contract awards bloggers with a $500 blogging contract! You can read my story and vote here:  Click Here to Vote for The Jenny Pincher

So what is the Turkey Talks Contest?

If there’s one thing I know about life, it’s that money pain often makes for a good story. Whether funny, inspiring, or telling, and sometimes even tragic: you’ve got a money story to tell and we want to share it! That’s why, to kick off this November, ImpulseSave is holding Turkey Talks.

Turkey Talks is a contest in which we’re inviting you tell your money story of pain, woe, misguidance, or sheer ignorance, and why you’re thankful you went through it. You’ll have November 1st – 11:59pm on the 15th to submit, but we will be publishing submissions as we get them starting Nov 8th (so the longer your post is up, the better!).

The voting will take place on our Facebook “polls” page (so if you haven’t liked us, do so now). In return for sharing your story we’ll be awarding three winners a $500 blogging contract! If “contract” has you balking think of it as an amiable agreement with tons of flexibility.

So get out your old photos, talk to family & friends, grab a paper and pen, and get pumpedbecause this Thanksgiving, we’re putting the Turkey on your table!

So please head on over to vote! I’d love to win the $500 blogging contract! Thank you!

Click Here to Vote for The Jenny Pincher


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  • Melissa

    I voted.  Let us know if you win!

  • The Jenny Pincher

    Thanks Melissa!

  • Anonymous


  • The Jenny Pincher

    Thank you!!!

  • Shaun McCarthy

    voted and tweeted, good luck!

  • The Jenny Pincher

    Thanks a ton Shaun!!!!

  • sof kd

    I voted for you! Good Luck!

  • Miss T

    I voted too. Best of luck. Hope you win. 

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