Follow Up on the Verizon Jetpack HotSpot Giveaway – Yay or Nay?


Back in September, I did a giveaway for the Verizon Jetpack that was a huge hit. I had nearly 600 entries for that giveaway! It seems like you all wanted to get a hotspot from Verizon (and I did too – boo I couldn’t win lol).

In case you forgot, here is what the winner of the giveaway got:

  • VerizonJetpack (mobile hotspot that can connect multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices to the internet – with no smartphone!)
  • a SIM card (needed for activation)
  • a $150 Verizon Wireless gift card (to purchase other equipment or use toward bills)
  • Instructions for how to activate the device.

These hotspots are super handy for anyone who want to connect two or more devices for extended data sessions, and especially convenient for people on the go that use on a variety of devices at the same time (like me)! With the Verizon Jetpack you can do the following:

Share Everything
• For only $20 a month, Jetpacks offer a costeffective and mobile Internet connection.

Multiple device connections
• Jetpack™ fits customers who often want to  connect 2 or more devices for extended data sessions.

• You can stay connected to the Internet without relying on a Smartphone user to be home for use of your Mobile Hotspot feature.
• As a device dedicated to Internet connections, customers can easily multi-task with a Jetpack.

Battery life
• Jetpack™ provides the best battery life experience compared to Mobile Hotspot on a Smartphone (which can consume battery power extremely fast).

– Family members can connect all their WiFi capable devices connected in the car on a road-trip.
– Traveling coworkers can share a connection while awaiting flights at the airport.

Worldwide Connectivity
– Access the Internet when roaming outside the U.S. in more than 205 countries.
– More than 150 of those countries support 3G data speeds.

Interactive Display
– Easily view signal strength, network status, battery indicator, SMS, and the number of devices connected right from the device’s display.
– View SMS usage alerts and temporary passwords sent via SMS for quick and easy account setup. Remind customers to manage data usage alerts via My Verizon.
– Get automatic audible alerts when the battery is low and when devices connect.


  • 4G LTE Mobile Broadband
  • LTE: Typical download speeds of 5?12 Mbps and upload speeds of 2?5 Mbps.
  • Global ready for data use in over 205 countries
  • Connect up to 10 Wi?Fi® enabled devices at one time in 4G mode, up to 5 devices in 3G mode
  • Not compatible for prepaid usage
  • Interactive OLED display
  • User?Friendly Web UI: No Software to install
  • VPN Capable
  • Most Advanced Security Features

Tabathia was the lucky winner of the giveaway so I followed up  to see how she was liking it. Here was what she had to say.

I love the Verizon Jetpack that I won from your blog.  My kids love being able to use it to stream movies and music and get online on their various devices (Ipod, Ipad, Android phone and my kindle fire). I  like that Verizon sends reminders whenever I use it to let me know how many gigabytes that I use if I am close to the 3 GB and the 5 GB.  The only thing I wish I had a better understand of is how we are using so much so fast, but I guess that comes from multiple devices using the wifi.  We have mainly used in the car when we took two long trips over an hour long each way to go to a haunted house and when I first activated it we used it during our shopping trip for winter clothing.

Ahhh to go anywhere and be connected seems like such a lovely treat that even just a few years ago I would never have thought I needed. I am SO connected at all times between my personal life, this blog and the radio show. I have to be connected!

One question Tabathia had was:

I am curious as to if you have any unused gigabytes left from a billing if they rollover?  But other than the rollover and the fast usage, I have no concerns. I love it. Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway and I do plan on continuing my Verizon Jetpack service.

I checked in with the folks at Verizon and unfortunately there is no rollover each month. But not to worry, I’m guessing if I had one of these I would use up every stitch of data available to me! I think it’s safe to say the Verizon Hotspot gets a YAY!!!

Do you have a Verizon Jetpack? How do you use it?

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  1. This hotspot does sound a bit more advanced than the one I have, but the one I have still has 4G speeds and costs me nothing. It’s from a company called FreedomPop, and the only thing I ever had to pay was a $99 deposit on the hotspot, and I get 500MB free data every month, more if I fill out offers, connect with friends via their site and other things. I cancelled my old hotspot from Virgin Mobile and got the new one from FreedomPop – and it works great – as long as you’re in a 4G area like I am.

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